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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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Resident Handbook Introduction

Letter of Commitment/
Accreditation Status Disclaimer

Administration & Governance - Graduate Medical Education Programs

Policies & Procedures

Salaries & Benefits

MUSC Policies

Appendix 1 - Resident Agreements (Medical and Dental)

Appendix 2 - Evaluation Forms

Appendix 3 - Forms

Appendix 4 - Scopes of Practice

Appendix 5 - Program Resources


Academic Deficiencies and Corrective Action

Appointment of Residents

Automatic Suspension

Completion Certificate

Disaster Policy

Disciplinary Problems and Corrective Action

Duty Hours

Employee Assistance Program


Evaluation of Residents

Evaluation of Rotations and Faculty Members by Residents

Grievance Procedure

Identification Cards

Leave of Absence/FMLA Flowchart

Malpractice Coverage

Moonlighting Policy

MUSC Compliance and Code of Conduct (PDF)

Patient Safety (PDF)

Physician Impairment

Processing Physician Practitioners Through Medical Staff Office versus GME

Promotion, Resignation, Non-Renewal or Transfer of Residents

Quality Assurance Activities

Record Retention Policy

Reduction/Closure Policy for Residency Programs

Religious Observance

Resident Agreement

Resident Dismissal


Resident Supervision (PDF)

Educational Environment

Selection of Residents

Sexual Harassment Policy Students, Residents, and Trainees

Solicitations During Work Hours

Transitions of Care/Handoff

USMLE Information (PDF)

Visiting Residents