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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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Medical Staff Office
Effective 10/22/08

PROCEDURE: Processing Physician Practitioners Through MSO vs GME

  1. If a physician practitioner is at MUSC as a trainee (under supervision in an accredited or non-accredited program), then the practitioner should be processed through the GME Office.
  2. If a physician practitioner will be functioning independently (without supervision), then the practitioner should be processed through the MSO.
  3. If part of the time the practitioner will function as a supervised trainee and part of the time will function independently, then the practitioner should be processed through BOTH the MSO and GME. *
  4. The above is to be followed regardless of whether a physician:
    - does or does not have a faculty appointment
    - will be paid or unpaid
    - will or will not be billing for services
    - has a limited, academic, or full medical license.  

*  Note:

a.  If the physician practitioner is attending faculty orientation, then GME orientation is waived.

b.  The GME Office needs to be given a letter indicating the physician practitioner's area of training, dates of training and the designated supervising physician.