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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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Although residency training in itself is a quality assurance activity of sorts, residents and faculty must participate in the same quality assessment and and improvement process as other members of the Medical University Hospital's Medical Staff.


  1. Through the appropriate faculty, each resident is accountable to the hospital and its medical staff for quality assurance activities.
  2. All quality assurance activities are performed in accordance with MUSC's hospital-wide quality assurance plan (attached) and in conjunction with each  teaching clinic.
  3. Quality assurance activities in the Hospital's clinics are monitored and coordinated separately through a designated faculty member in each training clinic.
  4. All of the above activities are assisted and monitored by the Hospital's Quality Assurance Coordinator.
  5. Identified patient care concerns are brought to the attention of the resident's faculty member and, through the faculty, to the resident. Remediation and  improvement processes are carried out in accordance with the hospital's and clinical department's quality assurance plans.
  6. On a semi-annual basis (or more frequently if necessary) the Quality Assurance Coordinator provides the Designated Institutional Official for GME with a report of hospital-wide quality assurance activities as they pertain to the residents and the teaching programs. These are reviewed by the Designated Institutional Official for GME and discussed with the faculty and/or the resident where appropriate.
  7. Data from autopsies are used whenever possible to aid in both the continuous quality assurance processes and the residents' education.
  8. Each residency program's quality assurance activities are reviewed annually by the GMEC and as part of the Annual Program Evaluation.