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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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All Medical University of South Carolina Graduate Medical Education (MUSC GME) Residency Programs including, but not limited to Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (AGGME) accredited programs, American Dental Association (ADA) accredited programs, and previously accredited programs. For the purposes of this policy, these programs will be referred to as the “Program.”


It is the intent of this policy to standardize records retention practices in order to adhere to minimum standard guidelines of the ACMGE, Federal, State, and University regulations.


A.  Programs should follow the record retention guidelines of the individual Residency Review Committees (RRCs), if available. 

  1. Permanently Retained Information in GME Files (hardcopy or electronic copy):
    1. Resident Agreement
    2. Appointment Letters
    3. Documentation related to training, leave of absence, or any other document that may affect training dates
  1. Permanently Retained Information in E*Value (7/1/2007 – present):


Entered by:

Monitored by:

Resident Demographics:  Legal and Preferred Names, Credentials, NPI, Social Security Number, Race, Gender, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Citizenship Country, Email Address

Program Coordinator

GME Office

Resident Training History by Year

Program Coordinator

GME Office

ECFMG Resident Information:  ECFMG Certification Date and Number

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Standard Exam Scores:  USMLE or COMLEX

Program Coordinator

GME Office

Contact Information

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Licensure Information

GME Office

GME Office

Resident Rotation Schedules and Associated  Evaluations

Program Coordinator

Program Director

Resident Duty Hour Logs


Program Director

Procedure Supervision Levels

Program Coordinator

Program Director

  1. Minimum Requirements for Program Archived Resident Files (hardcopy or electronic):
    1. Application (ERAS or other training application)
    2. Summative evaluations or exit interviews
    3. Records of dates of training, trainee’s rotations, training experience and procedures
    4. Materials required by individual Residency Review Committee (RRC)
    5. Record of any disciplinary actions
    6. Other records judged important by the Program Director
    7. Residents who do not complete the training program or residents who are not recommended for board certification, the entire file should be permanently retained

      Note: Applications for all residents not accepted into the Program must be retained for 3 years regardless if the resident was invited for interview.

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