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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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A resident may be dismissed from his/her residency program.  The resident has the right to appeal the decision through the Resident Grievance Procedure.


  1. Each Department will have regular evaluations of residents and will define specific criteria to recommend dismissal based upon these evaluations and/or other material(s) which document the reason for dismissal.

  2. The Program Director will recommend dismissal by notifying the Designted Institutional Official for GME. The Designated Institutional Official for GME will conduct a thorough review of the resident's situation and share the results with the Program Director.  In the event the Designated Institutional Official concurs with the department's recommendation, the DIO will notify the resident via certified mail and outline a specific time-frame for dismissal. The resident will be informed of the right to appeal the decision.

  3. Reasons for dismissal include, but are not limited to, the following:

    3.1 Incapacitating illness, which, in the judgment of the Program Director and faculty, precludes the resident from participation in the graduate medical education program and patient care activities.

    3.2 Failure of the resident to abide by MUSC policies, GMEC policies, resident-related provisions of the hospital's Medical and Dental Staff Bylaws/Rules and Regulations, and/or any applicable federal and state laws.

    3.3 Failure of the resident to maintain satisfactory levels of academic and clinical performance as determined through periodic evaluations and a formal academic remediation plan.

    3.4 Actions which directly violate any of the terms of the Resident Agreement.

  4. In the event of dismissal, the resident has the right to appeal the decision through the appropriate Resident Grievance Procedure, academic or disciplinary.

  5. In the event the resident's dismissal is upheld after a formal grievance hearing, the Designated Institutional Official for GME will notify the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, the ECFMG when necessary, and when appropriate, the ACGME (NOTE: For Dental Residents, the Designated Institutional Official will notify the South Carolina Board of Dental Examiners).