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MUSC GME Resident Handbook

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Graduate Medical Education  2017-2018

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New ACGME residents will receive two white clinic lab coats funded by the GME Office. After the first year, each resident will be provided with one new lab coat at the beginning of each new year of training. The GME Office will not provide new lab coats for name changes. If a resident changes departments, s/he is provided with two new lab coats during his/her first year and one new lab coat each subsequent year of training. Residents who continue to a sub-specialty in the same department will also receive two new lab coats for the first year of training and one for each subsequent year of training.

The Residency Program will coordinate the ordering of all lab coats for residents using the following guidelines:

  1. All residents (specialty and sub-specialty) will have ‘Resident Physician’ embroidered on all lab coats.
  2. All residents for adult services will bear the MUSC Health logo.
  3. All residents for pediatric services will bear the MUSC Children’s Health logo.

The GME Office will reimburse the departments if both, proof of payment and a list of residents receiving the lab coats, are submitted.

Note:  Pediatric Dentistry and Oral Surgery residents contracted through the GME Office also receive this benefit.