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College of Graduate Studies

Research Student Day 2013 Winners

Session 1 Undergraduate Poster I
1st place: Olivia Coco
2nd place: Logan Dowdle

Session 2 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster I

1st place: Markey Haselden
2nd place: Emily Cook

Session 3 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster II
1st place: Blair Stec
2nd place: Camilo Mateus

Session 4 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster III
1st place: Dayvia Laws
2nd place: Robert Baranello

Session 5 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster IV
1st place: Jessica Bentzley
2nd place: Alexandra Parashos

Session 6 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster V
1st place: Eric Singhi
2nd place: Clark Sealy

Session 7 Clinical-Professional-Masters Poster VI
1st place: Andrew Rabley
2nd place: Kristen DeYoung

Session 8 PhD Poster I
1st place: LaShardai Conaway
2nd place: Ryan Kelly

Session 9 PhD Poster II
1st place: Kimberly Sauls
2nd place: Sara D. Johnson

Session 10 PhD Poster III
1st place: Brandon Bentzley (Kinard Gadsden Award)
2nd place: Katherine S. Nicholas

Session 11 Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Poster I
1st place: Heidi M. Steinkamp
2nd place: Lillianne G. Harris

Session 12 Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Poster II
1st place: Navin Nikam
2nd place: Agnieszka Jezierska-Drutel

Session 13 Undergraduate Oral II
1st place: Luke T. Havens
2nd place: Alexandra M. Moreira

Session 14 Clinical-Professional-Masters Oral VII
1st place: Caitlin Moore
2nd place: Mallory A. Ulmer

Session 15 Clinical-Professional-Masters Oral VIII
1st place: Mallory N. Roberts
2nd place: Balvir Singh

Session 16 Clinical-Professional-Masters Oral IX
1st place: Samantha Sergi
2nd place: Jordan A. Maivelett

Session 17 PhD Oral IV
1st place: Jaime L. Speiser
2nd place: Stefanie R. Bailey

Session 18 PhD Oral V
1st place: Jordan D. Gruber (Eric James Award)
2nd place: Matt Scheffel

Session 19 PhD Oral VI
1st place: Marie M. Lockhart (Willard & Betty Peterson Award)
2nd place: Jacqulyne P. Robichaux

Session 20 Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Oral III
1st place: Michelle H. Nelson
2nd place: Boobalan Pachaiyappan

Session 21 Postdocs/Residents/Fellows Oral IV
1st place: Shawn M. Stevens
2nd place: Shilpak Chatterjee

Special Innovation Award
1st place: Craig Kutz
2nd place: Boobalan Pachaiyappan

Special Sigma Xi
1st place oral: Jordan D. Gruber
1st place poster: Heidi M. Steinkamp

Special Interprofessional
1st place: Jessica Trombetta-eSilva
2nd place: Rebekah Walker

Special Health Disparities Poster
1st place: Michelle Khawaja
2nd place: Rebekah Walker

Special Health Disparities Oral
1st place: Mallory Roberts
2nd place: Sybil Nelson

Special VA Oral
1st place: Joseph Taylor
2nd place: Adam Akerman

Special VA Poster
1st place: Dayvia Laws
2nd place: Rebekah Walker

Special VA Young Investigator
Camilo Mateus

Special Ethics
1st place: Logan Dowdle
2nd place: Gregory Franklin


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