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The PharmD/Ph.D. program is designed for highly motivated and qualified individuals who are seeking a combination program in the clinical and basic sciences. Enrollment into the PharmD/Ph.D. program at the Medical University of South Carolina is restricted to accepted and currently enrolled PharmD students.  There are two possible times for a student to apply for entry into the dual degree program.  Upon seeking admission to the College of Pharmacy, the student may request entry into the PharmD/Ph.D. program.  Secondly, the student may also apply during the first or second year of the PharmD program.

All students in the PharmD/Ph.D. program will receive a stipend while completing the Ph.D. requirements. Students will receive a stipend for research conducted in the summers. The full-time stipend will begin when the students become full-time graduate students, approximately the spring semester of the fourth year.  The stipend will be consistent with the College of Graduate Studies policy.

General Requirements for Completion of the PharmD/Ph.D. Program

  • Completion of all requirements for PharmD program
  • Complete all required coursework for Ph.D. program
  • Pass a comprehensive written and oral examination at the end of all Ph.D. coursework
  • Complete a written dissertation based on his/her laboratory work
  • Pass a final examination (Dissertation defense)

Integrated curriculum for PharmD/Ph.D. program. 

Unlike the PharmD component with its fixed curriculum, the Ph.D. is a research degree so it is impossible to put a firm timetable on the duration of the program. Typically, PhD students require five years to complete the requirements for their degree.  However, the efficiencies built into the PharmD/Ph.D. program should shorten the time required to approximately seven years when compared to completing each degree separately would require approximately nine years. 


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