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Dear Alumnus:

We are pleased to bring you up to date on the College of Graduate Studies. On July 1 we welcomed the arrival of the new dean, Paula Traktman, Ph.D., from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  The College continues to thrive. At the same time, we appeal to you to consider making a contribution to one of the College's funds.

Once again we had an outstanding applicant pool for the College's graduate programs. 25 PhD, 11 MD/PhD, and 1 DMD/PhD students matriculated this year. All these students are very competitive and were heavily recruited, some with handsome scholarship offers by other institutions. This year, we awarded 2 recruitment scholarships. Thus, one of the goals for the coming year is to increase the funds available for recruitment scholarships. Contributions to the College of Graduate Studies Annual Fund will make this happen. If you would like to endow a named scholarship, the Dean will be happy to talk to you about the particulars.

The College will try to continue to reward the best students with scholarships.  To recognize our best graduates, the Distinguished Graduate of the Year Award was established 13 years ago. The graduating PhD students are nominated for the award by the faculty and a committee makes the final decision. This year there were 12 nominees.  The quality was so high that the committee awarded 2 Distinguished Graduate Awards.  This year's awardees Jacqulyne Robochaux, Ph.D., and Joseph Taylor, MD/PhD will deliver the Liz Chesterman Memorial Lecture to the incoming students and receive a $500 honorarium.  We have raised some funds for this lectureship and are still trying to raise enough to endow it.

The "Graduate Students Reaching out with Science" (GROWS) continues to be very successful. We continue to visit middle schools and have been enthusiastically received.

These are some of the major fund raising goals we have set for this year. You may choose to contribute to those funds or the College of Graduate Studies Annual Fund. This is an unrestricted fund used to provide emergency loans and other unplanned expenses that students may encounter. Whichever fund you choose to donate to, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. The contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We have enclosed a pledge card for your convenience when you return your gift.

We invite you to visit the College webpage ( where you will find a link that will direct you to the College's annual report. 

You can be proud of your College and the progress it has made.


James Atkinson
Graduate Student Association

Caroline Wallace
Vice President
Graduate Student Association
Rachel Weber
Graduate Student Association
Kate Williams
Graduate Student Association
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