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College of Graduate Studies

Molecular and Cellular Biology & Pathobiology Program


The Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology Program at the Medical University of South Carolina is a cooperative effort by faculty from sixteen university departments. It brings together approximately 100 faculty members and 80 graduate students with research interests spanning all the modern aspects of biomedical sciences from the molecular mechanisms and basis of disease to translational research. The program sponsors an extensive series of outside seminar speakers and other activities which foster communication and scientific interaction among the members of the biomedical sciences community.

During the first year, the students take a series of core courses in key areas of cell biology, pharmacology, physiology, microbiology, immunology, and biochemistry through the common first year program. The students also do three lab rotations with faculty of their choosing. These rotations allow students to explore different disciplines and to familiarize themselves with the research environments and the laboratories of different investigators. Near the end of the first year students arrange to begin their thesis research with a chosen faculty mentor. The diverse research interests of the MCBP Program faculty offer a wide variety of potential thesis projects in all areas of the biomedical sciences.

Owing to the large number of participating faculty, the MCBP Program offers a wider variety of advanced courses taught by experts in their respective areas than could any one departmental program. In order to offer the flexibility and choice of any of the participating faculty from multiple departments for still retaining the small focused environment of an individual training program, the MCBP Program has been divided up into five divisions. These divisions include Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular Biology, Molecular Cell Regulation, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Science, and Oral Health Sciences. Each of these Divisions offer journal clubs, advanced courses and informal interactions between student lab groups and departments which provide excellent venues for collaboration and brainstorming.

The MCBP Program has an outstanding tradition in research training. Our graduates have gone on to prominent positions in both academia and industry. We invite you to get to know the program better and to read descriptions of the research interests of our faculty located on our web page. If you have any questions not answered by this material, please call or e-mail us. We think you would enjoy training at the Medical University of South Carolina and enjoy living in the historic city of Charleston. We encourage you to apply. The application fee is paid for by the program for U.S. citizens. Successful applicants are invited to visit at our expense on interview weekends and look at our research community. We look forward to hearing from you.


Robin Muise-Helmericks, Ph.D.
Director, MCBP Program


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