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College of Graduate Studies

Current Students

Cardiovascular Biology

NameMatric DateMentor

Adam Akerman, PhD student

2012Dr. Jeffrey A. Jones
Sanket Pattanaik, MD/PhD studentPattanaik
Research Interest: Cardiovascular Disease, Medical Imaging, Bioengineering
2013Dr. Michael Yost

Erik Strungs MD/PhD studentStrungs
Research Interest: Myocardial infarction, cardiac remodeling

2009Dr. Louis M. Lutrell

Katelynn Toomer, PhD studentToomer
Research Interest: Primary cilia's role in cardiac valve development and disease

2013Dr. Russell A. Norris

Molecular Cell Regulation

NameMatric DateMentor

Tanjina Akter, PhD studentAkter
Research Interest: Scleroderma associated lung fibrosis

2013Dr. Galina S. Bogatkevich
Mary Bridges, PhD studentBridges
Research Interest:
2016Dr. Antonis Kourtidis
Diana Fulmer, PhD studentfuller
Research Interest: Molecular mechanisms of ciliogenesis and the influence of primary cilia on heart valve development

Dr. Russell A. Norris and
Dr. Joshua Lipschutz

Lilong (Leon) Guo, PhD studentGuo
Research Interest: Molecular mechanism of mitral valve diseases
2015Dr. Russell A. Norris
Zachary Hough, PhD studentHough
Research Interest: Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Mitotic Regulation
2016Dr. Robin Muise-Helmerick

Ran Jing, PhD studentJing
Research Interest: Modeling human liver development and disease using
IPSCs derived hepatocytes

2015Dr. Stephen Duncan

Aye Mon, PhD studentMon
Research Interest: Cell Biology analysis of VRK1 Kinase overexpression in
Mammary Epithelial Cell proliferation.

2015Dr. Paula Traktman

Xinh-Xinh Nguyen, PhD studentNguyen
Research Interest: Use of model organisms and human genetics
to understand fundamental biological mechanisms & disease pathogenesis.  
Interested in the complex pathways associated with systemic sclerosis & 
identifying potential therapeutic strategies for scleroderma & other fibrotic disease

2015Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick

Charles Reese, PhD studentReese
Research Interest: Understanding the role of bone marrow derived cells in pathological fibrosis across organs


Dr. Stanley Hoffman
Dr. Elena Tourkina

Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences

NameMatric DateMentor

Thomas Galligan, PhD studentGalligan
Research Interest: Examining the impacts of environmental contaminants, particularly organochlorine pesticides, on the endocrine system in the American alligator and common bottlenose dolphin

2013Dr. Ashley Boggs

Jenny Kemper, PhD studentKemper
Research Interest: Using genomic approaches to infer the phylogeny of ghost sharks and identify candidate sex-determining mechanisms and genes within these fishes

2012Dr. Gavin Naylor

Frances Nilsen, PhD studentNilsen
Research Interest: Investigating the sub-lethal effects of environmental contaminant exposure on sentinel species as proxies for human helath, using advanced -omics and analytical techniques

2013Dr. Stephen Long

Melissa Sokolosky, PhD studentSokolosky

2011Dr. Demetri Spyropoulos

Oral Health Science

NameMatric DateMentor

Emily Durham, PhD studentDurham
Research Interest: Craniofacial biology and stem cells

2014Dr. James Cray

Jaden Lee, DMD/PhD studentLee
Research Interest: Oral opportunistic pathogens and oral epithelial  cell interaction, the mechanisms of modulation of epithelial response, bacterial colonization, trafficking, and persistence

2015Dr. Ozlem Yilmaz

JoAnn Roberts, PhD studentRoberts
Research Interest: Survival and persistence mechanisms of hte periodontal  pathogen , Porphyromonas gingivalis, in primary gingival epithelial cells (GECs) 

2016Dr. Ozlem Yilmaz

Alexandra Rogers, DMD/PhD studentRogers
Research Interest: Temporomandibular joint development, homeostasis and disease progression

2014Dr. Christine B. Kern

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