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College of Graduate Studies

Reasons to Choose MCBP

Reasons to do your graduate training in the MCBP Program at MUSC

1. Superb Graduate Training

The MCBP Program brings together approximately 100 faculty members with research interests spanning all the modern aspects of biomedical sciences from the molecular mechanisms and basis of disease to translational research. Because of this, students in the MCBP Program have the most extensive choice of research, laboratories and mentors of any of the graduate programs. The interdisciplinary nature of our program provides a rich and diverse training environment for students, allowing for multidisciplinary projects that easily span the traditional areas of molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology and physiology.

2. A Rich Academic Environment

The large number of faculty in the program allows us to offer more variety in our courses, all taught by experts, than is possible for a single department. The interdisciplinary flavor of the program extends to our seminar program and journal clubs. There are many opportunities for formal and informal interactions between students and faculty including the multiple journal clubs and data presentation meetings, which provide important venues for collaborating and brainstorming.

3. Resources and Facilities

After decades of growth, MUSC is ranked as one of the best funded public medical universities in the Southeast. We have state-of-the-art facilities, buildings and equipment including confocal microscopy, DNA and protein sequencing, x-ray crystallography, mass spectroscopy facility, NMR spectroscopy and transgenic and knockout animal facilities.

MUSC has exceptional core facilities that make a big difference in students' progress including DNA sequencing, DNA microarray, microscopy, protein interaction, transgenic and knockout animals and many more.

4. The Joys of Charleston

It would be hard to imagine a more delightful style of living than that offered by Charleston, South Carolina. Steeped in genuine Southern charm and history, this city has a pleasant climate year-round and an unending list of things to do. Charleston is a perennial champion in the competition for the title America's Most Polite City. People are friendly, helpful, and they have an unshakable reverence for history.

5. Outdoor Activities

Charleston is the gateway to South Carolina's barrier islands, beautiful beaches, windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing, boating, outstanding fishing. The area also possesses some of the most famous and beautiful golf courses in the world.  

6. Cultural and Sporting Activities

Charleston has a nationally recognized symphony, two dance companies, and theater companies. It is also home for one of the best known art festivals Festival of Two Worlds Spoleto Festival. In addition, Charleston offers one of the best ways of spending a lazy summer evening watching River Dogs baseball at the Joe, or during the winter, watching a fast-paced game of hockey played by our own Stingrays.

7. A Great Lifestyle

Charleston has a very reasonable cost of living and the quality of life is high. It is listed as the most desirable place to live by many prominent magazines. Charleston is a place you will love to call home.


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