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College of Graduate Studies

Curriculum Guide

This Guide is a single-source reference the Biomedical Sciences First Year Curriculum in the College of Graduate Studies at MUSC. The Guide is updated continually online with valuable contributions from numerous faculty participating in the curriculum. The curriculum itself reflects the vision of Dr. Paula Traktman, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, and its implementation owes much to her persuasion and the commitment of a Curriculum Task Force comprising Drs. Jennifer Isaacs, David Kurtz, Don Menick, Robin Muise-Helmericks and Shaun Olsen. I especially acknowledge the boundless support I receive from Dean Traktman, co-Chair of the Curriculum Task Force, and the unstinting administrative assistance provided by Dodie Weise, Keisha Vaughn, Melendia Roseboro, Amy Connolly, Stephanie Brown-Guion, Amanda Karalia, Sue Hennigan, Maritza Dawkins-Holnes and Erika Lugo in the College of Graduate Studies Office.

Curriculum Guide

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Adam J. Smolka, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine
Co-Chair, Curriculum Task Force
26 July, 2017


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