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College of Graduate Studies

Student Evaluation of Course Effectiveness

A guiding principle behind development and evolution of the First Year Curriculum is that detailed analysis and responsiveness to student opinion promotes excellence in both faculty and curriculum content. Thus, an essential feature of the curriculum is student evaluation of faculty and course effectiveness. Students evaluate the First Year Curriculum using the MUSC E*Value course evaluation software administered by the Office of Enrollment Management and by the College of Graduate Studies E*Value representative, and by selecting the recipient of the Dean’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.

I. Unit and Course Evaluation

Units in CGS 701/702 and other constituent elements of the First Year Curriculum are evaluated anonymously by students using E*Value. Online quantitative evaluation forms are open to registered students for one week starting on the last day of each Unit. Students are asked to rate seven Unit statements and four Instructor statements (shown below). In addition, after each set of Unit exams, students are asked to offer constructive written criticism of each Unit (content, instructors, etc) in an editable text box. Individual Unit grades will not be posted until all students enrolled in that Unit have completed their evaluation. Unit evaluations are reviewed by the Course Director, and distributed to individual Unit Leaders, the Associate Dean, and the Dean.

Unit Statements

  1. The learning objectives of the Unit were adequately explained.
  2. The Unit was well organized.
  3. There was a sufficient depth and number of lectures.
  4. There was adequate time for scientific discussion.
  5. Assignments contributed meaningfully to Unit content.
  6. Textbooks on reserve in the Library were useful.
  7. I had the necessary knowledge and experience for this Unit.

Instructor Statements

Instructor (named):

  1. was an effective teacher.
  2. provided useful feedback on my assignments and/or presentations.
  3. was well prepared for this class.
  4. was available for student questions in and out of class.

II. Student Selection of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Instructor scores accumulated from course Unit evaluations serve to identify a final list of ten candidates for the Dean’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.  Students elect the recipient of the Award at the year-end First Year Curriculum Student Luncheon.


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