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Multicultural Graduate Student Association

Multicultural Graduate Student Association

The MUSC Multicultural Graduate Student Association (MGSA) is comprised of all students of the MUSC College of Graduate Studies with an interest in improving the well-being of ALL graduate students within the College of Graduate Studies with special attention given to students from diverse backgrounds.  Membership may also be extended to student enrolled in other colleges who show an interest in furthering the mission of MGSA.

The purpose of the MGSA is:

The objectives of this organization are summarized by the aims of Project R.E.A.C.H.:

Recruit students of diverse backgrounds to the College of Graduate Studies Master's and PhD programs
Enrich the members of MGSA, MUSC, and Charleston community socially, culturally, and professionally
Advocate communication with other students and faculty within the college
Cultivate an interest in the biomedical sciences amongst diverse students in Charleston area schools
Help underrepresented, underserved Charleston communities through outreach projects

Please check the calendar for the most up to date information about all MGSA events!


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