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College of Graduate Studies

PDA activities

From November 2012 to June 2013

S.NOName of the event/activityObjectiveParticipants
1.Candidly caffeine - 1PD networking55
2.Candidly caffeine - 2PD networking59
3.Town Hall meetingPD advocacy36
4.Grant Writing workshopPD career development44
5.The Postdoc Press, Issue IPD networking and career developmentN/A
6.Candidly caffeine - 3PD networking38
7.A workshop about Pivot usagePD career development16
8.Letter to the DeanPD advocacyN/A
9.Candidly cafffeine - 4PD networkingTBA
10.The Postdoc Press, Issue 2PD networking and career developmentN/A, TBA

The PD advocacy letter submitted to Dr. Perry Halushka can be found here.


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