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College of Graduate Studies

Parental Leave

Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows may petition for parental leave using this form.

The academic accommodation plan, agreed to by the postdoc, advisor and department head, must be submitted to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at least 5 months prior to the birth or adoption of a child.

The purpose o this policy is to minimize the exposure to potential environmental risks and make any necessary adjustments to the research plan of the postdoc in order to do so.

Up to six weeks paid time off for the mother-to-be will be allowed for the birth of a child. Up to 2 weeks paid time off may be requested by the father. Up to 3 weeks of paid time off for both parents may be requested for adoptions. Academic deadlines will be extended for a corresponding period of time.

A letter from your physician or adoption agency documenting the anticipated date of delivery or adoption must be attached.


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