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College of Graduate Studies

Cancer Biology

Graduate Faculty Research Interests

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The Cancer Biology Program, an interdisciplinary program leading to a PhD degree, provides students with training in diverse areas of cancer biology research. Cancer is a multi-step disease resulting from a series of genetic and epigenetic changes that abrogate normal cellular controls. The goal of the program is to develop within each student the approach to scientific thought founded upon basic molecular and cellular approaches relevant to cancer. The goal is to train students to become independent investigators in cancer biology.

The Cancer Biology Program is composed of MUSC faculty whose interests range from molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and immunology to translational research focused on problems of immediate clinical applicability. The Cancer Biology program provides an overview of cancer biology and allows students the opportunity to work with faculty mentors who conduct research relevant to understanding the molecular or cellular basis of any aspect of the cause, characteristics and treatment of cancer.

Thus, the Cancer Biology Program provides research opportunities in Functional Genetics, Molecular Biology of Cancer, Experimental Therapeutics and Cancer Immunology. Students are encouraged to use the resources and expertise of several laboratories during the development of their cancer related dissertation projects. This provides an enhanced experience that increases the expertise and competitiveness of our graduates. Successful students complete a publishable research project under a faculty mentor and present the research as a dissertation.


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