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College of Graduate Studies

Gene and Immunotherapy

Graduate Faculty Research Interests

Now that the genomes of numerous prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms have been sequenced, a powerful data set has become available for imaginative scientists to develop an understanding of precise mechanisms of gene function, which will serve as the foundation for molecular medicines. The Gene and Immunotherapy program is at the forefront of this discipline at MUSC, with research in tumor immunology, gene therapy and vector/vaccine development, and adaptive immunity. This broad-based interdisciplinary program utilizes educational programs in microbiology, immunology and cancer biology to prepare MS, Ph.D., D.M.D./Ph.D., and M.D./Ph.D. students to be at the forefront of development of molecular medicines, and to be able to address critical issues in the field, including how to effectively deliver genetic medicine to humans.

The Gene and Immunotherapy Program is composed of MUSC faculty with wide-ranging interests in the disciplines of immunology, virology, and microbiology, and includes individuals with critically needed translational bench-to-bedside programs. A major focus of the group is application of genetically derived medicines to understand and treat cancer and drug-resistant bacterial infections. Additional foci include biowarfare vaccine development, mucosal immunity, environmental microbiology, and fungal pathogenesis.


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