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College of Graduate Studies


Lipidomics Website
Graduate Faculty Research Interests

The primary objective of this program is to provide an in-depth and unique training in lipidology and the pathobiological problems caused by alterations of lipid metabolism, structure, or/and function. The Medical University of South Carolina has exceptional strength in the investigation of lipids, including chemistry, biochemistry, structure, and function. MUSC has been awarded by the National Institute of Health as the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Lipidomics . The basic hypothesis underlying this program is that understanding the function and dysfunction of lipid metabolism and action is necessary to understand many pathobiologic processes, such as cancer, cardiovascular, aging, neurosciences, infectious diseases, and inflammation.

It is envisioned that the ideal trainee will acquire solid expertise in at least one of the foundations of lipidology, such as lipid chemistry, lipid enzymology, lipid metabolism, lipid-protein interactions, mechanisms of bioactive lipids, and lipid bioinformatics. Given its cross-disciplinary training, this program is an ideal instrument for students who want to develop expertise in basic biochemical research. Importantly, focusing on the pathology of specific and most common diseases, this training provides the students with the translational component of the basic research training.


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