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College of Graduate Studies

Research Day

The Perry V. Halushka 2017 MUSC Research Day

Eric James, Ph.D.

2017 Keynote Speaker, Thursday, November 2, 2017:

Dr James is Senior Director, Vaccine Stabilization and Logistics

Sanaria, which is in Rockville, MD, is a biotechnology company developing vaccines protective against malaria.  Sanaria’s vaccines have proven highly protective in humans.


Title: "PfSPZ Vaccine*: Translating a concept into a vaccine for eliminating malaria"

   [*live attenuated sporozoite (SPZ) vaccine against Plasmodium faciparum (Pf)]


Poster and Oral Sessions are on Friday, November 3, 2017

Click here for abstract submission and information for participants

Abstract Deadline has been extended:

Abstract Submission Deadline is 12:00 noon, Monday, September 25, 2017


Guidelines for posters and oral presentations can be found here


Congratulations to the RD2017 Winners!


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