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College of Graduate Studies

Summer Review Course

Summer Review Course (CGS 650)

A summer review course will be offered from July 20th thru August 14, 2015.

Stipends will be provided for PhD students who complete the entire four-week course. The first check (partial for July) will be available at the end of July. The second check will be available mid-August.  Your Fall stipends will begin in September.  (Please note that health insurance coverage will not begin until the start of the fall semester for domestic students.) The course is open to all new PhD students. We strongly encourage all new PhD students to participate in the course, particularly if you have not taken biochemistry or cell/molecular biology or if you feel you need a review.  Students in Biostatistics/Epidemiology should check with the department prior to enrolling. (contact dr. Viswanathan Ramakrishnan at

The First Year Curriculum assumes that you have a minimum level of comprehension of basic biological and biochemical concepts. The course is offered on a pass/fail basis for 1 credit. You will be able to take self-assessment examinations to ensure that you have mastered the material. Tuition payment will not be required.

This course will review some of the fundamental concepts that will be covered in more detail in the first year curriculum and will also require students to participate in a laboratory research experience. This is an excellent opportunity to begin the PhD curriculum with the tools needed to succeed in the first year. (Please also note that you cannot be employed while participating in the summer review course and receiving a stipend.)

  • Week 1: Medical Chemistry
  • Week 2: Nucleic Acids
  • Week 3: Proteins
  • Week 4: Cell Biology

The class will meet for lecture Monday thru Friday each week from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. The remainder of each day will be spent in the laboratory.

CGS 650

1 hr

Summer Review



BSB 435

    M/T/W/Th/F9:30a-11:30aBSB 435



Didactic course outline (2015 PDF)
Lab course outline (2015 PDF)

Dr. Cynthia Wright is the course director. Please contact him (, if you have any questions about the course.

Incoming MS students who will take the First Year Curriculum are also encouraged to participate. Please contact your Program Director to discuss this option. No stipend is provided for MS students. There is no cost to participate.

Please contact Dr. Cynthia Wright at if you would like to participate.



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