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College of Graduate Studies

Application to the Summer Research Program

This form contains essay questions.
We suggest you complete those in a word processor first and then copy & paste them into the form. Please limit your essays to 100 words each.
Submission of this form is final. 

Contact: Stephanie Brown-Guion, 843-876-2408
Deadline:February 14, 2014

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School Mailing Address
Permanent Mailing Address
Please request references from two individuals familiar with your work in a laboratory setting (faculty members, mentors, etc...). If this is your first laboratory experience, request the references from two faculty members. Provide the names, titles and departments of the faculty members from whom you are requesting references in the space below.
Educational Background
Beginning with the institution you are currently attending, please list the colleges/universities/high school you have attended. (at least one is required)
Most Recent or Current School
Previous School 1
Previous School 2
Previous School 3
Availability and Housing
Are you available to participate from May 28 2013 continuously until August 2, 2013?
Research Interests
Please select your top four research interests:


Why are you applying to the MUSC Summer Undergraduate Research Program?
How will this experience help you meet these goals?
Describe any past experiences that have led you to your interest in research and in specific areas of research offered at MUSC.

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