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College of Graduate Studies

High School Research Program

Instructions for High School Students Desiring an MUSC Research Experience

High school students requiring a research experience in order to complete requirements such as a senior thesis or a science fair project in the basic science area must submit the following and be approved prior to working in a research laboratory at MUSC. This only applies to high school students desiring an experience in a research laboratory. It does not apply to students who are looking for shadowing or clinical experiences. All application materials must be submitted to:

Keisha Brown Vaughn
MUSC College of Graduate Studies, Dean's Office
68 President Stree, BE 101
MSC 501
Charleston, SC 29425-5010

  1. An application must be completed. This can be completed and submitted in hardcopy format by printing the application found here.
  2. Visiting students must provide documentation of the following:
    • Verification of two MMR vaccines (mumps, measles, rubella).
    • Verification of a PPD skin test within 3 months of beginning research (TB test).
    • Verification of a Tetanus shot within the last 10 years.
    • Verification of a positive Varicella IgG titer or TWO Varicella vaccines (Vaccination Dates must include month/day/year). A history of Chicken Pox verified by a Physician is also acceptable.
  3. OSHA training is mandated by OSHA and required by law. To access the training module go to the MUSC OSHA Online Training at:
  4. Follow the directions that begin with "If you are a new employee and have not received your NetID login or password..." then click on the "Register Here" link and provide the requested email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the address email address provided. Open the email and then go back to:

    Click on the link for each of the four modules listed (Bloodborne Pathogens/Fire and Life Safety Training/Hazard Communication/Personal Protective Equipment). Complete each module and once completed, print out the completion certificate and return it with the rest of the completed paperwork. The training is competence based and includes four sections. For each training section the student is required to read all materials and then answer all questions correctly before being allowed to move to the next section. The training can be interrupted at any time and can be resumed at the student's convenience.

  5. Complete the Medical University of South Carolina Consent for Minors Studying or Observing in a MUSC Laboratory (to be completed for a minor - under the age of 18 years). The signatures required from the Dean and the Provost's office will be obtained once all of the paperwork is turned in. If arrangements have already been made in a specific laboratory, please have the faculty member complete the portion of the form with the following information: Department, Project location, Project Scope, Signature of Project Organizer or Faculty Member.
  6. Complete the Medical University of South Carolina Code of Conduct Form.
  7. Complete the Health Consent for Minors Form.
  8. Complete the Latex Allergy Questionnaire.
  9. Complete the Application for non-paid Opportunity.
  10. Complete the Checklist for unpaid Individuals.

If there are any questions, contact Keisha Vaughn, 843-876-2411 or by email at


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