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College of Graduate Studies

Housing Information

 Housing and meals are the responsibility of the individual student. Summer students from outside the Charleston area have several options.
  • Staying with family/friends in the area.
  • There are several apartment complexes in the Charleston area that provide 3-month leases. Once students have been accepted into the program, a roster with contact information will be provided to other students in the program who are interested in finding someone with which to share an apartment. Keep in mind that renting means you will be responsible for utilities as well.
  • Summer sublets are available on a limited basis around Charleston. MUSC has an Off-Campus Housing office that is happy to assist you with finding available listings in the Charleston area. Once you are accepted into the program you can access this service. Keep in mind that subletting means you will be responsible for the rental amount plus the utilities.
  • Limited dormitory space is available on the College of Charleston campus, on a first come, first served basis. The dormitory is located approximately three quarters of a mile from the MUSC campus. These are double rooms in a two to four bedroom "suite" setting in a co-ed dormitory. Students pay a reduced rate for these rooms, which are only available for the 10 weeks of the program. Linens, pillows, blankets and towels are not provided. Bathrooms are shared and there are no amenities such as telephones, televisions or radios in the rooms; however, once there a phone may be obtained for an additional fee. Internet connections are available in each room. Students should bring their own Ethernet cords, otherwise one can be obtained at an additional fee. Each room has limited kitchen facilities (refrigerator and microwave) and there is a kitchen available in the dormitory to be shared by all occupants. Laundry facilities are also available.

MUSC Off-Campus Housing
Harper Student Center
45 Courtenay Drive
Suite 213
Charleston SC 29425
843-792-0394 (ph)
843-792-0433 (fax) (Email)

For some great tips to assist you in finding housing in Charleston, check out the following:


Charleston has public bus transportation, which is free to MUSC summer students, so coming and going from housing to campus and back should not pose a problem. For information regarding routes you may go to If you have a car, the College of Graduate Studies will provide parking in one of the day lots. If you choose to stay in the dormitory, you may either pay for your own parking close to the dormitory, or the College of Graduate Studies will provide a place for you to leave your car on the MUSC campus. This would require you to ride the bus, use a bike or walk to MUSC from the College of Charleston on a daily basis.


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