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Dubno Laboratory

Judy Dubno, Ph.D.

Research Focus of the Laboratory:

Dr. Dubno’s laboratory conducts research focused on human auditory function, with emphasis on the processing of auditory information and the recognition of speech and how these abilities change in adverse listening conditions, with age, and with hearing loss.  Current projects related to the effects of cochlear hearing loss are designed to test hypotheses within the framework of the active process of the cochlea (“cochlear amplifier”), which is responsible for many fundamental properties of audition.  Current projects related to age-related hearing loss address basic questions related to speech understanding by older adults in everyday listening conditions and the benefit of hearing aids for processing spatial, binaural, and temporal information.  This research is supported by grants from NIH/NIDCD, NIH/NCRR, the Deafness Research Foundation, and the Knowles Fund for Hearing Research.

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