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2013 Open Enrollment

MUSC employees have a new MUSC Health Plan available to them beginning January 1, 2014 and should review the 2014 Comparison of Health Plan Benefits for MUSC Employees.

Employees are encouraged to read the 2013 Insurance Advantage to learn about other plan changes, premium increases and benefit updates for the 2014 plan year to include dental, vision, life insurance, disability and tax-favored account benefits.

Employees will make changes to their insurance benefits through "My Benefits" , the website administered by PEBA Insurance Benefits, a division of the SC Budget and Control Board.

Open Enrollment is from October 1 - October 31, 2013.

All premium and plan changes are effective January 1, 2014.


During 2013 Open Enrollment you may make the following changes:
-All SHP Standard plan participants will automatically be enrolled in the MUSC Health Plan.
-BlueChoice and Savings plan participants may stay enrolled in their current plan or choose the MUSC Health Plan.
(Beginning January 1, 2014, employees will only be eligible to enroll in the MUSC Health Plan)
-Add/drop health or dental for yourself or dependents (documentation will be required)
-Add/drop Dental Plus
-Add/drop the State Vision Plan
-Enroll/increase up to $50,000 of optional life insurance, in $10,000 increments, without medical evidence of good health*
-Decrease/cancel optional or dependent life insurance
-Enroll/re-enroll in Medical Spending or Dependent Care Accounts (this is required every year)
Affordable Care Act (ACA) program changes effective January 1, 2014:
-All dependent children younger than 26 will be eligible for coverage on their parents' health, dental and vision insurance even if they are eligible for other employer-sponsored health coverage, including coverage through an employer participating in PEBA Insurance Benefits.
-There will no longer be pre-existing condition limitations on health insurance plans offered by PEBA Insurance Benefits.
-Subscribers and their eligible dependents will be able to enroll in, change, or drop health and vision coverage every year during October.  The option to add or drop Dental Plus will remain as an Open Enrollment benefit, every odd October.
Premium Changes Effective January 1, 2014:
-BlueChoice premiums are increasing 35%.
-Dental Plus, vision and optional life premiums will increase slightly.

  2014 MUSC Comparison Chart 

 2014 MUSC Dental, Vision
and LTD  Rates
   2014 Life Rates     
  Review Insurance Plans     Enroll in MoneyPlu$   Make Changes
Enroll in MoneyPlu$ (paper)
Paper enrollment is required if you are enrolling
in the MSA for the first time.

The University and Medical Center Benefit Offices will be holding the Annual Benefits Fair on Friday, September 27, 2013 from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm around
 the Colbert Library and Education Center.  Benefits staff and plan representatives
will be available to answer questions.

*employees may increase life insurance up to $500,000 during Enrollment with approval of medical evidence.


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