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Retirement Benefits at MUSC

State Retirement Plans

The South Carolina Retirement Systems offers three plans to MUSC employees:

  • SC Retirement System Traditional Plan (SCRS)
  • Optional Retirement Program (ORP)
  • Police Officers Retirement System (PORS)

Select Your Retirement Plan Guide (PDF)

Supplemental Retirement Plans

As an MUSC employee, you can save additional money for retirement in our voluntary retirement plans. MUSC offers taxed and tax-deferred plans. 

These plans can be started at any time of the year and accept employee contributions only.

  • The SC Deferred Compensation Program offers four plans designed to supplement your retirement:
    • Traditional 401(k)
    • Roth 401(k)
    • Traditional 457
    • Roth 457.
  • Tax Sheltered 403(b) Annuity Plans are offered by five approved providers.

TERI Program

The Teacher and Employee Retention Incentive (“TERI”) program is available to all State employees who participate in the SCRS plan and meet certain eligibility requirements for retirement. TERI allows employees to retire and defer their monthly annuity to an account while they continue to work for up to 60 months.  Members who are eligible to retire may participate in the TERI program until June 30, 2018 at which time the TERI program will end and the retiree must separate employment.

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