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Benefits FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I retire under the SC Retirement System?
2. When I look in "My Records", it says that MUSC contributes 12.89% to my ORP plan. I thought it was 5%?
3. Can I make changes to my retirement plan?
4. Can I "buy time" in the SCRS or PORS plans?
5. What is the TERI program?
Terminating Employment
1. Will I receive a payout for annual leave when I separate employment or retire?
2. Can I continue my health insurance after I leave employment?
3. Will I be paid for my sick leave if I leave employment or retire?
4. What should I do if I terminate employment from MUSC?
Changing Benefits
1. Can I change benefits if I change positions?
2. When can I make changes to my insurance benefits?
3. How many hours do I have to work to be eligible for benefits?
1. When can I enroll in or change my Optional Life insurance?
2. Can I increase the amount of life insurance on my child(ren)?
3. Is it true that I lose any money that has not been reimbursed from my Dependent Care and Medical Spending Accounts at the end of the year?
4. I am not enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account, but a MoneyPlus admin fee is being deducted from my check.
5. Why is Optional Life listed twice on my paycheck?


Make sure you thoroughly review the two information brochures from the SCRS: Investing for Your Retirement and Select Your Retirement Plan. For more information, consult the SCRS Member Brochure and the PORS Member Brochure (eligibility to retire is different). For SCRS and PORS Defined Benefits Plans, the State of South Carolina website features a Benefit Calculator and a Service Purchase Cost Calculator. The State of South Carolina Retirement System website also offers a Benefit Comparison Calculator between the SCRS Traditional Plan and the State ORP.

Additionally, any information you need about the Social Security Administration can be found on their website.

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