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Enrolling & Changing Benefits

As a new hire you will select benefits and may make changes within 31 days of your hire date.

For existing employees, Enrollment Periods occur every year from October 1 through October 31. Employees may make changes to their insurance benefits based on the type of enrollment period. All changes and any applicable premium changes are effective on January 1 of the following year. Open Enrollment happens every year, however changes to dental benefits are permitted only during odd-numbered years as listed below. If you have a qualifying life event, you are permitted to make the changes without waiting for Open Enrollment.

The following changes are allowed during Open Enrollment every year:

  • Change State Savings Plan to MUSC Health Plan*
  • Enroll/re-enroll in Medical Spending, Dependent Care, or Health Savings Accounts (HSA for Savings Plan subscribers only)
  • Add/drop yourself or dependents from health insurance
  • Any special changes allowed by insurance carriers
  • If enrolled in pretax feature, add/drop/increase/decrease optional life**
  • Add/drop state vision plan for yourself or dependents

The following changes are allowed during Open Enrollment in odd years only:

  • Add/drop yourself or dependents from dental insurance
  • Add/drop Dental Plus

*This change is only available to employees who were grandfathered when the MUSC Health Plan began January 1, 2014.

**If an employee does not participate in the pre-tax premium feature, they may add/drop/increase/decrease optional life throughout the year (with medical evidence if required).


When you experience one of the qualifying life events listed below, you may make changes within 31 days of the event. You do not have to wait for an Open Enrollment period:

  • Marriage
  • Separation (based on pre-tax premiums)
  • Divorce
  • Birth/adoption/death
  • Employment/insurance change of dependents (loss or gain of coverage)
  • Dependency change of children — children may be covered on health, dental, and/or vision insurance until age 26 even if they are eligible for another employer plan. Dependents may be carried on dependent life until age 19, or age 25 if they are a full-time student.
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