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Military Leave

The following leave applies ONLY to employees in benefits-eligible positions. 

Benefits eligible employees who are inducted into the Armed Forces for a regular tour of duty or who enlist in the Ready Reserve for active duty training are entitled to reemployment rights. Employees who are members of the South Carolina National Guard or an active reserve unit of a military service are given up to 15 work days leave with pay, without charge against earned leave. The granting of paid leave for 15 days accommodates the federal minimum annual training requirements within a calendar year; or fiscal year, if the National Guard or reserve component credits training requirements on a fiscal year basis. Thirty additional days will be granted without charge against earned leave or loss of pay when called to active duty for State or national emergencies.

For more information, consult the Human Resources Management Policy 22: Military Leave.

Special Note: In Fiscal Year 2004-2005, state employees who serve on active duty as a result of “Operation Enduring Freedom” or “Operation Noble Eagle” or in a unit federalized for duty in connection with potential or actual hostilities in Iraq, may use up to 45 days of accrued annual leave and 90 days of accrued sick leave in connection with absences resulting from military service.


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