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Supplemental Leave

MUSC authorizes leave with pay for benefits-eligible employees who must be absent because of civic responsibilities, deaths in the immediate family, blood donations or other reasons not related to personal business or illness.

Supplemental leave must be approved through normal administrative channels and will not be charged against accrued annual or sick leave.

The Supplemental Leave policy refers to leaves that include the following reasons:

  • Administrative: assault by Patient/Client or physically attacked
  • American Red Cross Certified Service
  • Blood Drive and Donation
  • Bone Marrow Donor
  • Court (Jury Duty, Subpoena)
  • Death in Immediate Family
  • Educational leave
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Military
  • Organ Donor
  • Voting
  • Worker's Compensation

For clarification and restriction on each type of leave, refer to HR policy 21: Supplemental Leave.


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