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Classification and Compensation Overview

Compensation Guidelines FY 2015-2016 

The Class & Comp area administers the Medical University's Classification and Compensation Plan, manages recruitment for classified, research grant, temporary and student positions, posts faculty vacancies, oversees the university’s leave program, and manages the administration of employment of research grant funded positions.


Position Classification is the systematic categorizing of positions based on duties and responsibilities in accordance with guidelines provided by the State Office of Human Resources. The classification process involves an assessment of the job duties, skill level of work performed, and the overall knowledge requirements of the position. A pay range is established for each classification, and positions that are substantially similar in nature are allocated to the same job classification.

Individual requests from supervisors and managers for position classification reviews may be submitted at any time. Such requests may include the establishment of new positions that will be available for recruitment and selection, or for positions that have experienced significant and permanent changes in duties and responsibilities (vacant or filled). Positions may be reclassified to either a higher, lower or equivalent level. The incumbent must meet the minimum training and experience requirements of the new classification.


Compensation encompasses both wages and fringe benefits that employees receive in return for services rendered to the employer. The Medical University of South Carolina strives to ensure fair, consistent and equitable compensation practices for its employees, regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, religion, disability or veteran status.

The State Office of Human Resources, acting as an agent of the State Budget and Control Board, establishes and monitors the Compensation System including the classification listing, the pay band schedule and policies governing the administration of the overall Pay Plan.

At MUSC, the compensation of employees will be administered by the Department of Human Resources Management, in accordance with rules, regulations and guidelines provided by the State Office of Human Resources, as well as federal laws and regulations. The Medical University of South Carolina, as an agency of State government, utilizes a broadbanding pay system that features job classifications and ten pay band ranges.

Generally, special instructions are issued each fiscal year regarding the specifics of the pay policy authorized by the State Appropriation Act for the fiscal year.




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