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BB50 - Director of Planning and Research

Band 7  


State Specifications:

General Nature of Work:

Manages and directs the activities of a planning and/or research division of a state agency.

Guidelines for Class Use/Distinguishing Characteristics:

Positions in this class manage and direct a comprehensive data collection, evaluation and analysis function relating to complex subject areas.

Examples of Work:

(Note: The examples of work listed in this class specification are not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to the position. The intent of the listed examples is to give a general indication of the levels of difficulty and responsibility common to all positions in this class.)

Designs, directs and executes statewide, regional or local planning or research programs.
Directs the collection, analysis and presentation of data for assigned program areas.
Organizes and supervises task forces, committees and interagency activities relating to research and planning.
Recommends policy and program changes to executive managers.
Aids legislative committees and the General Assembly in the preparation of legislation and provisos.
Analyzes the impact of proposed legislation as it affects groups or functions under study.
Prepares planning information regarding state and federal policies, manpower estimates, demographic trends and levels of government financial support.
Prepares economic forecasts, academic program plans, enrollment projections and physical facilities projections for state agencies and higher educational institutions.
Develops operational budgets and oversees the expenditure of funds.
Supervises data management, research and/or planning personnel.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

(Note: The knowledge, skills and abilities listed are not necessarily inclusive of the requirements for every position in the class.)

Knowledge of planning and/or research techniques and management.
Knowledge of socioeconomic factors pertaining to state and regional development and assistance programs.
Knowledge of administrative policies and procedures, including agency objectives and management goals.
Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations relating to assigned program areas.
Ability to supervise and coordinate the work of professional and technical staff.
Ability to coordinate efforts within other divisions, agencies and organizations.
Ability to communicate effectively.

State Minimum Training and Experience

State Necessary Special Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

(Note: Additional requirements may be applicable for individual positions in the employing agency.)

A bachelor's degree and supervisory or managerial experience in a planning, research or statistical setting.

MUSC Minimum Training and Experience Requirements:

A bachelor's degree and five years supervisory or managerial experience in planning, research or statistical setting.

MUSC Physical Requirements:

This classification is not currently used at MUSC. Please contact the Department of Human Resources for more information.


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