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Position Reclassification - How and When

A position should be considered for reclassification when there has been substantial and permanent changes in job duties, job complexity and/or knowledge and skills required. Changes to a position can occur naturally over a period of time or as the result of organizational changes.

To request reclassification of a position, a position description should be completed that includes the purpose of the job and the job duties, identified as essential or marginal. Copies of previous and revised organizational charts should be included if organizational changes have occurred. Because the change in one position can affect other positions, requesting departments may also need to provide information about similar positions within the department.

It is important to note that not all changes in a position will result in the position being reclassified. Changes in job duties that may be at a higher level, but are not substantial enough to justify a higher pay band through reclassification, will result in an update of the existing position description and no change in pay band or classification.

All requests for reclassification actions and updates should be submitted to Human Resources Management, Employment/Classification and Compensation, for review and appropriate classification.


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