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Progressive Discipline

Employees of the Medical University are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, departmental policies and MUSC Excellence behavioral standards.  Leaders should set an example by their own conduct, attitude and work habits.

Disciplinary measures are to be assessed for unacceptable conduct in a consistent and fair manner. Supervisors/managers and employees are encouraged to consult the Department of Human Resources Management, Employee Relations section for assistance with dispensing or resolving disciplinary matters.

When appropriate, "progressive" discipline will be followed. This means an oral reprimand is followed by a written reprimand. The next step is a suspension, and finally termination. However, serious offenses may result in immediate suspension or termination for the first offense. Progressive discipline also means that after repeated offenses, regardless of whether the offenses are similar or not, the University has the right to terminate any employee who, by his/her total behavior, shows him/her to be irresponsible.

The progressive disciplinary process does not have to be applied to probationary employees. However, it is important for probationary employees to be counseled when infractions occur and be told in writing if their continued employment is in jeopardy.

Oral Reprimand

Written Reprimand


Demotion or Reassignment



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