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Create a Positive Environment

Being successful in your job takes commitment and hard work. Both managers and employees have responsibilities to create a positive environment where success is achievable.

Responsibilities of Employees
  • To be committed to their own development
  • To ask for clarification if they don’t understand their responsibilities
  • To be open to receiving constructive feedback even though it may be difficult to hear
  • To give honest, frequent feedback to the manager on a timely basis
  • To constructively disagree and not cave in to the manager’s perception when it is something the employee feels strongly about
  • To communicate to the manager when her/his work needs are not being met
  • To follow through on action steps agreed upon with the manager
Responsibilities of the Manager
  • To help the employee develop clearly defined performance and development goals and to stay focused on them
  • To clearly communicate expectations of one’s employees and ensure that they understand them
  • To meet the work needs of employee (resources, information, feedback, and recognition, etc.) so that they can meet the needs of the job
  • To give frequent constructive feedback (not just once or twice a year at review time) on how well the employee is meeting the objectives on an ongoing basis
  • To hold employees accountable for their behavior and performance
  • To help one’s employees see what they can or cannot see about themselves
  • To listen openly to employees so that you understand their thinking, actions, and feelings
  • To provide the training and development necessary for the employee’s growth

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