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Employment of Internationals

The Medical University of South Carolina participates in E-Verify. The E-Verify process ensures eligibility of employment in the United States.

International employees should ensure that they meet with the MUSC Office of International Support as soon as possible to ensure that all work authorizations have been obtained.

The University promotes equal opportunity employment practices; and does not discriminate based upon factors to include national origin.

Employment of Internationals:

  • Prior to sponsoring or hiring an International candidate, the Office of International Support should be consulted. They may be reached at 792-7083.
  • Hiring Managers should note on the New Hire Information Sheet when a visa holder will be employed with the institution.
  • The Employment Consultant ensures that proper notation is made so that the new employee is noted as a visa holder and appropriate work authorization documentation is brought to New Employee Orientation.
  • HRM will notify the Office of International Support when an International Employee is hired. The employee will receive personalized notification informing them of the need to meet with a representative of the Office of International Support.
  • The Department of Human Resources Management will coordinate with the Office of International Support to ensure that all documentation is maintained and valid.

General Information:


  • Document issued by the government that allows a citizen of a particular country to travel abroad.


  • Required in addition to the passport (plus stamp placed by placed U.S. Consulate) indicating that the holder is qualified for admission to the U.S. under a particular immigration classification.
  • Most commonly found visa types at MUSC:
    -F-1: Student
    -J-1: Exchange Visitor Scholar
    -H1-B: Professional
    -J-2: Spouse of J-1 (authorized to work only with Employment Authorization
  • I-94 “card” (May be applicable with any visa type)

Small, white card usually located in the passport, unless the international has extended their visa status while in the U.S. after which it will be the color of the I-797 Approval Notice issued by the USCIS.  It indicates the visa type and the length of authorized stay in the U.S. for the International.

  • DS2019

Separate 8.5x11” form provided by the U.S. Department of State to the international in J-1 visa status to show sponsor and dates of the J-1 exchange visitor’s program.  Must show sponsorship by MUSC.

  • I-20

Separate 8.5x11” form provided by the U.S. Department of Justice INS to the international in F-1 visa status to show sponsor and dates of study and/or employment authorization.  May show sponsor other than MUSC if form is authorized for employment.

  • I-797

Separate 8.5x11” form provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Department of Homeland Security to the international in H-1B visa status to show sponsor and dates of valid status.


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