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Human Research Protection Program

Human Research Protection Program Subject

Welcome to the MUSC Human Research Subject Information Page

Study participants are an important part of all successful human subject research.  Whether you are a first time subject or a frequent volunteer, you may have questions, concerns, or comments.  We hope the information in this website will guide you to the answers you need.  We appreciate your interest in our research.

Who Volunteers for Research?

People who participate in clinical research studies come from all walks of life.  Volunteers may be healthy and participate in clinical research, or they may be patients or other people with health problems. 

People with a specific type of medical condition or disease may be asked to volunteer for a research study because doctors want to learn more about their condition, or there may be a promising new treatment being studied.

Because disease and life-threatening conditions affect everyone regardless of race, gender, age and national origin, volunteers are needed for may types of research study.

To learn more about human research subject participation click on the links below.

What is the risk?

Researcher responsibilities

MUSC Clinical Trials

National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials

Frequently asked questions

pdf of Participants Brochure - English Version         Spanish Version


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