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Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching and Lifestyle Behavior Management


Duke University and American College of Sports Medicine certified professionals now offer integrative health coaching and Lifestyle Behavior Programs.

  • Health coach’s help you discover what’s keeping you from achieving your goals and will develop a personalized action plan designed to move you forward with the consistency necessary for optimal results.
  • Most people know what they are supposed to do to live a healthier life.
  • Consistency and accountability are often stumbling blocks that get in the way of reaching personal goals. Health coaches focus on what’s important to the client, so it’s achievable and lasting.
  • Health coaching creates an environment between the coach and the client that facilitates the individual’s moving forward toward desired goals to enhance all areas of life.  
  • MUSC health coaches know that everyone is unique and different.  They can help you navigate the world of health and wellness information and figure out exactly what works for your body.  If creating new healthy habits seems impossible, call today and let the MUSC professionals help you by using proven behavior change science to enhance your health and contentment of life!



About Health Coach

Becca Cook:

Becca is passionate about helping others enhance their lives! As a certified personal trainer and health coach, she is incredibly motivated in assisting others in creating sustainable behavior changes that will last a lifetime. Her ultimate goal is to have each of her clients find their best self.

Each coaching session creates a unique environment to facilitate the process for the individual to move toward desired goals to improve their overall quality of life; both mentally and physically. Coaching helps you realize what YOUR goals truly are and how to achieve them.

Becca holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Presbyterian College. She is a WellCoaches® health coach and holds an ACSM personal training certificate.

As a child, when Becca was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she always responded, “If there were a career in being the best friend I can be to anyone in the world I would want to be that”. This explains her passion in wanting other individuals to succeed. Her enthusiasm for helping others shines daily.  She uses effective techniques to help client’s discover exactly what will bring success, and what is holding them back! In her free time, Becca enjoys exercising, laughing, making memories with friends, and spending time with her family.

“There’s nothing more attractive than someone with passion for something, who looks at things positively and is always seeking to better themselves.”

Health Coaching Packages:


Start-up Session: This 40-minute session reviews the coaching process and reviews the clients’ issues and interests in health coaching. Clients walk away with at least two action steps to help them achieve their goals.     Pricing: $60

Three Month Package:  6 coaching sessions

Clients may opt to enroll in our three-month program that includes an initial 90-minute planning session to review health assessments. In this session, the coach and client map out a long term health vision and set goals based on the client’s values and vision.

Sessions 2-6: These 5 coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length. The coach and client work together to create a series of short term, action steps to accelerate progress. This personalized action plan includes a health plan for moving forward and accountability system.



Clients who enroll in the three-month program get the initial session free. This six session package is $535. It includes six on-site or telephone coaching sessions, a health self-assessment on the client and resources and worksheets for them to use while they are going through coaching.


After the completions of six sessions, individual sessions can be purchased at $89 per session.


Another option is a renewal for a package of six sessions, priced at $499. The renewal package pricing of $499 would only be good for a 60 day period once a client completes their initial coaching sessions.







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