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Post Rehabilitation Training

The MUSC Wellness Center offers post-rehab training sessions with certified post-rehab trainers or post-rehab experienced trainers.

Specialty Post Rehab Evaluations and Consultations

Alicia O'Connor offers post–rehab evaluations, training, and specialty consultations at the MUSC Wellness Center. After the  post-rehabilitation goals have been met, Alicia releases clients to appropriate personal trainers. This is valuable training education after surgery, injury, or with any special musculo-skelatal concerns. 

The goal of post-rehab training is to help add “life” to your years. Evaluating and strengthening the weak areas of the body will enable you to workout pain free and gain the physical independence necessary to enjoy all aspects of life. 

The following specialty consultations will help balance your body and lifestyle for optimal wellness:

• Post Rehabilitation•    Fall Prevention
• Core Stabilization•    Posture Correction
• Osteoporosis Prevention•    Gait Analysis
• Balance Training•    Sport Specific Training
• Low Back Strengthening•    Muscle Balance & Strengthening

Post Rehab Trainers:

Alicia O'Connor
Dwight Gore
Jeremy Mayer




Alicia O'Connor- 843-792-1494



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