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MUSC Wellness Center Nutrition Services


"Everytime you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it."


Improve your mental and physical performance and transform your health:

MUSC Wellness Centers Nutrition Services are here to help you successfully achieve your goals by offering information and guidance you need to make informed, practical changes. Our Registered Dietitian uses the latest evidence-based guidelines to assist you in forming sustainable healthy eating habits. No physician referral is necessary.

Its time to:

  • Get out of that rut with your eating habits and see the results you want
  • Have clarity about which foods are really healthy
  • Understand the nutritional plan that is best for you

Services (for members, students, and non-members)

  • Individual Nutrition Analysis
  • Individual and Group Counseling Sessions
  • Interactive Presentations and Seminars
  • Corporate Wellness Nutrition Programming

Nutrition Counseling for:

  • Behavior change and weight managment
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and other specifically requested conditions.
  • Longevity and healthy aging
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Athletic performance
  • Improved body image and forming healthy relationships with food
  • Label reading and meal planning
  • MUSC students to support academic success, improve focus, and relieve stress

What to expect:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment through structured conversation to evaluate eating habits, current lifestyle practices, and overall health status
    • Review of food intake, medical history and lifestyle, food preferences, and challenges
  • Personalized goal setting and identifying strategies to meet those goals
  • Individual healthy eating plan including specific meal/snack suggestions and recipes
  • Effective and compassionate counseling



Fees and Package Options:

Nutrition Analysis: 30 minute appointment

$35 flat fee

Dietitian analyzes food record and then examines and discusses the results of computer analysis to identify goals with the participant during appointment. **Can be done by itself but is always included in consultations.**

Nutrition Consultations: 60 minute appointment

$40 MUSC Students

$60 Members

$70 Non-Members

Work with Dietitian to set personalized goals and identify changes that can be sustained long-term in order to powerfully impact your health and successfully progress towards your long-term goals.

Maintenance Consultations: 30 minute appointment

$25 MUSC Students

$35 Members

$45 Non-Members

Celebrate successes, identify challenges, and brainstorm with Dietitian to develop more strategies to continue successful progress toward your goal.

Comprehensive Package: 120 minute appointment (can be used in 15 minute increments)

$80 MUSC Students

$120 Members

$140 Non-Members

120 minutes of professional guidance and support to be divided among all appointments listed above and as needed on an individual basis for successful goal achievement.



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