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Martial Arts Classes

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Group Exercise Schedule

Martial Arts Fitness Classes

"The Way to Harmony in Spirit" is a Japanese martial art that teaches self-defense in a totally noncompetitive atmosphere. The principles of Aikido teach relaxation and centering. Classes include meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, toning and self-defense. For more information, contact Eric Lipton (5th d. Black Belt) or Martha Lipton (4th d. Black Belt) at 763-6617.

  • Beginners Class: the basics of Aikido working on stretching, relaxation and centering, some tumbling and basic self-defense.
  • Intermediate Class: a continuation of Aikido Basics with more emphasis on tumbling and self defense. 6 months in Basic Aikido is required.

A program that combines the best variety of different exercise disciplines to provide an overall workout. TaeBo® is the combination of self awareness and the control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing and the grace and rhythm of dance. TaeBo® develops cardiovascular & muscular endurance, strength, speed, balance, coordination, body awareness, and mental focus. TaeBo® is taught by a TaeBo® instructor certified through the Billy Blanks World Training Center.

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