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MUSC Wellness Center

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Schedule

Group Exercise Class Descriptions

James Johnson 843-792- 7141 - Director of Group Exercise

Abs - an abdominal core class.  The class involves cardio and resistance training that targets the abdominal core.  The class will use Hydro Bells and Noodles. Open to all levels.

Absolute Strength with Body Bar -  A full body conditioning class designed to challenge your muscular strength and balance. The class also focuses on core conditioning and strength through every range of motion. The class content changes every two weeks.

Aikido - The Way to Harmony in Spirit is a Japanese martial art that teaches self defense in a totally noncompetitive atmosphere. The principles of Aikido teach relaxation and centering. Classes include meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, toning and self-defense. For more information call Eric or Martha Lipton at 763-6617.
Basic Class, the basics of Aikido working on stretching, relaxation and centering, some tumbling and basic self-defense. Intermediate Class, a continuation of Aikido Basics with more emphasis on tumbling and self-defense.  Basic Class required prior to going to Intermediate class.

Aqua Action - A traditional water aerobics class. You will learn how to reach a challenging level of intensity through manipulating resistance, speed, and the type of movement. The Aquatic Step and Hydro Tone Bells may be used as part of this class.

Aqua Fit - an energetic and challenging water class for all levels. The class will be using Hydro Bells and Noodles with a concentration on core muscles.

Aqua Stretch - Involves stretching and toning the body. The class concentrates on learning to engage core muscles for balance and stability.  Class will use Hydro Bells and Noodles.  Open to all levels.

Aqua Tone - Open to all levels and involves total body strength and aerobic conditioning.

Aqua Zumba - Known as the pool party, this class gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout.  Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio conditioning, body toning, and exhilarating beyond belief.

Ballet, Adult Intro - This class stresses the academic techniques developed through the centuries of the existence of ballet.

Body Bar Essentials - All body bar class emphasizes full-body conditioning through every range of motion. This class focuses on muscular strength, stamina, and agility. The class content shifts every two weeks.

Body Bar Conditioning - The more vigorous workout of the two types of Body Bar classes.   Muscular strength and endurance class utilizing Body Bars, Swiss Balls, dumbbells, etc.  This is the perfect compliment to Cardio workouts on alternate days or to increase overall strength and stamina!  Medium to high intensity level.

Body Blitz Workout – An excellent class for improving muscle tone, strength and stamina!  The class is easy to follow and utilizes intervals and circuit style workouts that include weight training, cardio intervals, body weight functional training and core work!

Cardio Power Hour - Higher end fitness level class that uses intense cardio intervals with strength training to maximize results.

Core Essentials - This course trains the Core muscles both as movers and stabilizers. The goal is to improve functional ability, control, power and coordination.  Class involves exercises performed in stabilized and destabilized standing, seating and lying positions and through all three planes of motion.

Group Cycling - This group class is designed to condition the cardiovascular system and strengthen the lower body.  Group cycling focuses on climbing hills, traveling flat roads, sprinting, and endurance.  This class is designed for competitive and noncompetitive cyclists and triathletes as well as beginners and any fitness enthusiasts.  It is taught by certified group cycling instructors using music to create a fun and motivating environment.

Joe D. Bands, Total Fitness - This class focuses on all components of fitness: cardiovascular, strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition. It also develops power and speed. Band training is easy on the joints, yet produces significant results in improving neuromuscular training adaptations. It will result in improved strength, muscle tone, coordination, and flexibility.  Sessions include techniques used by professional athletes and college athletic programs. All levels are accommodated.

Karen’s Class - Structured fitness program for seniors. Exercises are done on the floor and in a chair.  The class focuses on toning, stabilization, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility.

Nia - Neuromuscular Integrative Action -a holistic wellness fusion fitness program incorporating elements of Yoga, martial arts, dance and the healing arts.

Pilates Mat - This Pilates based Mat class is a total body non impact workout that stretches, strengthens and lengthens the entire body, with emphasis on the core muscles.

Pilates Mat with Ball - Experience the entire classic Pilates mat exercises while incorporating the stability balls.  Stretch, strengthen and increase your balance and coordination.  An incredible core workout!

Pilates Mat with Foam Roller - This Pilates based class is a total body non impact workout that stretches, strengthens and lengthens the entire body with emphasis on the core muscles with the added benefits of the foam roller which releases muscular tension and assists in stretching muscles.

Pilates Mat using the Magic Circle - This is a classical Pilates Mat class using the circular resistance band.  The Magic Circles are used to provide resistance and neuromuscular feedback. They are especially effective for toning the arms, chest, hips and thighs.  Magic Circles are provided.

Physio-Ball Workout – This class will deliver an overall body workout that will challenge and improve muscular endurance and strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase core strength and control, and improve body efficiency and function.

Step - This is high intensity, low impact step training workout that is easy to follow and challenging to all fitness levels. This class provides an incredible cardiovascular workout as well as added conditioning and toning of the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteals. Great for the legs! Some classes will also include a short sculpting segment.

STAE Fit - Structured fitness program for seniors incorporating balance, strength and cardiovascular exercises in a social, group environment.

Tae Bo® - A program that combines the best variety of different exercise disciplines to provide an overall workout. Tae Bo® is the combination of self awareness and the control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing and the grace and rhythm of dance. Tae Bo® develops cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, speed, balance, coordination, body awareness, and mental focus. Tae Bo® is taught by a Tae Bo® instructor certified through the Billy Blanks World Training Center.

Tri Water - Open to all levels.  Class involves running, cycling, and water aerobics in one hour.

Water Cardio - Be prepared to be challenged during this 40 minutes of an intense cardiovascular workout. Be sure to bring a water bottle.

Water Gym - A 60 minute combination of aerobics, resistance training, stretching and balance. Be sure to bring a water bottle.

Yoga - Yoga is about bringing the Mind, Body and Spirit into such harmony that one’s natural rhythm can be felt and followed. The focus is on warm-up, stretching, breathing and postures teaching you to trust in your body’s wisdom bringing a sense of peace and renewed vitality.

Yoga, Rise and Shine - A one hour practice that gently awakens one for the day ahead.

Zumba - Combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations.  It is a fusion of Latin and international music and dance that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system!  It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.

Zumba Gold - This class targets the largest growing segment of the population, baby boomers.   Zumba Gold takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant.  It is a dance-fitness class that feels friendly and, most of all, fun.



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