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MUSC Wellness Center

Joe D. Bands

Joe D. Bands - Total Fitness Training

Joe D. BandsThe MUSC Wellness Center is the HOME of Joe D. Bands!

MUSC presents the Joe D. Bands® Hall of Fame Total Fitness Program for all members from beginning exercisers to advanced competitive athletes. Try these exercise stretch bands in our full 1 hour class and you will be glad you did. Everyone is welcome and all levels are accommodated. These flex bands are portable, high quality, and priced right. Stretch bands will help your flexibility and range of motion.

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Joe D. Bands Weekly Schedule
(Basketball Gym)

Monday 4:30 pm  |  Tuesday 4:30 pm  |   Thursday  4:30 pm

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Joe D. Bands on YOUTUBE Exercise/Golf Video (4:07)

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MUSC Wellness Center Members workout with the Joe D. Bands

This innovative fitness class uses the Flex Band Training System developed by NFL Hall of Fame player Joe Delamielleure. Joe D played college football at Michigan State and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1973. He played a total of 8 years with the Bills and also played 5 years with Cleveland Browns. During his 13 years in the NFL, Joe D. did not miss one game or practice. Joe D was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2003. After Joe D.’s successful career as a professional athlete, it was important to him to stay fit and functional. Joe D. saw many of his fellow players with injuries and physical limitations that interfered with their enjoyment in life. Joe D has dedicated his post-NFL years to developing a training system that can not only be used by professional athletes, but also by fitness enthusiasts for general conditioning, fitness and weight loss. These exercise bands will provide an excellent workout that you will enjoy. His fellow Hall of Fame players have endorsed this program and it is used as part of conditioning programs in college and pro teams around the country.

The classes at the MUSC Wellness Center will include a focus on power, strength, speed, agility, and flexibility. Joe D. Bands Classes focus on all components of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The Joe D Flex Bands are made of top quality material.

This program includes a thorough segment devoted to flexibility. This flexibility training will reduce the susceptibility of injury and increase strength through a full range of motion. Joe D. Stretch Bands are the key to developing your range of motion and flexibility. Try the Joe D Bands Total Fitness Training Program today at the MUSC Wellness Center.

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Joe D. Bands on YOUTUBE Exercise/Golf Video (4:07)

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