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Anyone can join- a physician referral is not needed

Fit Family Challenge Blog

Fit Family Challenge Blog

Please join us in celebrating South Carolina families getting moving and participating in healthier lifestyles. Link to the press conference information to be held July 22, 2014.

Welcome to the final week of the Fit Family Challenge! I hope that you and your family have enjoyed participating in this campaign as much as I have with mine. As we wrap up an amazing 8 weeks of healthy family activities throughout our state, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on my own experiences and provide some thoughts on how to continue building on our successes.

Back in May when I first signed up for the Fit Family Challenge, I remember being really impressed with the website and tracker. I really liked how easy it was to register myself and my daughters and how we could each log and track our own progress, not only around our daily activities but also focus on important health habits such as increasing our water intake, reducing screen time & making better food choices. These simple habits can have a huge impact on our overall health and having a daily reminder was really helpful. I also found that participating in the challenge made me very aware of the days that we were not active and realized how easy it is for work and school to get in the way of exercise and physical activity. Having a daily reminder helped keep us on track and even if it was just a walk around the block before bed, it gave us something to log on busy days when we hadn’t found the time to exercise.

My role as coach for the spotlight families and the process of blogging throughout the challenge has also helped increase my awareness of some of the challenges we all face as busy working parents. Something that came up in our initial meeting with one of our spotlight families that I can relate to as a single parent is the guilt we sometimes feel for not being or doing everything we can to create a healthy environment for our children. We all want the best for our families and good health should be at the top of our list, but easier said than done.  As with any change, connecting to what we value (our family), making a commitment (such as participating in a program like the Fit Family Challenge), and tracking progress (using a tool such as the FFC online tracker), can make it doable. Setting goals, taking small steps, and recognizing that occasional setbacks will happen but shouldn’t permanently derail us – are also helpful tools in the journey towards behavior change and creating a healthy lifestyle.

At MUSC, we’ve been working hard to create a culture of wellness that helps people make better choices while they are on our campus through a commitment and connection to what we value, collaboration and connection to our community, and leading by example. Similarly, as a family we should commit to a healthy lifestyle and understand the connection to what we value (each other), we should seek out and take advantage of community resources to help us on our journey and finally, as parents we need to lead by example and help our children by being active and making healthy food choices as a family. 

I sincerely hope that this experience has been as rewarding for your family as it has been for mine and I hope that the habits and activities you have participated in as a family will continue. Of all the possible outcomes of this program, it is my greatest hope that participating in this challenge has brought your family closer together and that you have created new memories while making good health a family priority. Best wishes for continued health and happiness – we hope to see you next year!

Planning on a Fourth of July picnic? Try using your picnic blanket as more than just something to sit on. Get up and active this weekend with this family friendly game!

Duck-Duck-Goose: Healthy Style
Take this kids classic and spice it up, adding in your favorite exercise moves and nutritional knowledge!

  • - Use your picnic blanket or beach blanket as your game board for this fun holiday game!
  • Whenever the “Duck” taps their “Goose”, call out a command for that goose to complete before becoming the Duck. Whether it is “Do 10 jumping jacks”, “Name your favorite vegetable”, or “Try 5 push-ups”, this spin on the game will keep kids excited, involved, and enjoying exercise!

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated this Holiday!

  • Do your best to avoid consuming any beverages with calories this Fourth of July weekend
  • Create some flavor to your water by adding in fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and even kiwi!

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun, move more, and enjoy time with family and friends!


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