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Group Exercise Classes:

View Daily Times & Descriptions for Aquatics & Studio Classes in the Main Studio, Crow's Nest, Pool, & Group Cycle Studio.

Group Exercise Schedule (pdf)




MUSC Wellness Center Boot Camps:

Boot Camp
Get new Boot Camp Information, Dates, and Descriptions now plus details on how to Sign-Up




Healthy Charleston Challenge:

Healthy Charleston Challenge
The Healthy Charleston Challenge has won two National Awards.




MUSC Wellness Specialty Programs:

Piece It Together
Exercise/ Nutrition/ Stress Reduction Intervention Program for Teens and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum and/or Mild Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Recovery Program

This program is specially designed for individuals’ interested in exercise programing and nutrition intervention to create healthy habits that support the neurobiology of addiction, and promote a positive mental state, improved sleep, and release stress and anxiety.

Cancer Survivor Fit Club - Breast Cancer Survivor Fitness Program

For more information on Survivor Fit Club please visit the Hollings Cancer Center Website here.




MUSC Wellness Center Healthy Aging Programs:

Karen's Class
Ongoing Senior Fitness

Stae Fit
Ongoing Senior Fitness

Women on Weights
Ongoing weight training for women

Ageless & Fit - "The Next Step"

A seniors program built around a specialty Exercise & Rehabilitation Resistance chair.

Wu Style Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline consisting of slow, meditative movements that are learned in a sequence.




MUSC Wellness Center Most Popular Overall Fitness Programs:

Circuit 8.0
Circuit 8.0 consists of 12 extreme workouts that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.

H.I.T.S. is a strength and conditioning program that improves overall athleticism in any athlete or individual.

Features revolutionary suspension straps that offer “Suspended Rotation”, the key to power so your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout.

SurfSET® is one of the newest fitness crazes in the US. RipSurfer X®, the world's first total body surf trainer is designed to mimic the movements of surfing without the ocean.


The MUSC Wellness Center offers mat and equipment-based Pilates classes for those looking to reshape their bodies and correct muscular imbalances. Pilates training helps to strengthen what’s weak and stretch what is tight for improved body mechanics. It can radically transform the way your body looks, feels and moves and aids in reducing injuries.





MUSC Wellness Center Comprehensive Personal Training Programs:

Personal Training Program
Personal training can be used for advances in general fitness, weight loss, sports specific training, and post rehabilitation, and healthy aging.


For more information on Exercise, and Exercise Guidelines at The Wellness Center Click Here.