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MUSC Wellness Center


P90X Testimonials

P90 X Video

MUSC Wellness Center now offers one of the most popular extreme fitness programs in the world…P90X.  

P90X workouts include resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga.

The secret of how P90X works:  Muscle Confusion… P90X uses targeted training phases so your body keeps adapting and growing. You'll never "plateau" which means your body will never get used to the routines and you will experience a supercharged metabolism.  

P90X includes short training cycles constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity.

P90X- 4 Weeks, 12 workouts

Next Program- TBA
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00 am in the Gym at the Wellness Center
Members:  TBA
Non-Members:  TBA
Students: TBA


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