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MUSC Wellness Center

P90X® Testimonials

"I joined the P90x training with the goal of improving my endurance and strength. The workout was challenging but extremely rewarding. A mix of cardio, core exercises and kick boxing: I couldn’t ask for more! I felt like every single muscle in my body was engaged in the workout. Week by week I was visibly gaining energy, strength and endurance. All of the instructors were absolutely amazing and pushed us to give more and more. I would like to thank all of them and am looking forward to repeating this great experience!!! I highly recommend it!"


"I loved the P90x classes! If you like pretty intense workouts, you should give it a try; but do it sooner than later, since classes seem to fill out fast. One more thing: it's not a joke, the classes are VERY intense :)"


“When I saw the email blast about P-90X this past December (2012) I hesitated quite a bit as I did not think I had the fitness abilities to survive through six weeks of rigorous bootcamp-like exercise regimen. It was an intimidating thought to say the least but, true to my desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle, I signed up for the classes and prayed I would make it alive.  Now six weeks later, I cannot imagine not enrolling in this class continuously all year long. With our amazingly hard-working and inspirational Instructors such a Lilly, Alicia, Katie and their equally dedicated Assistants I experienced a life-changing outlook on fitness. Their drive to motivate, their patience and dedication to each of our fitness success made these exercise regimens everything they were intended to be: Challenging yet attainable, high-paced yet manageable, intense yet rewarding, hard core yet fun!
All in all I recommend this class without hesitation to anyone regardless of your fitness level.  There is room for all of you who are mulling this over right now but yet unwilling to take the leap. And let's certainly not forget about the benefits of noticeable weight loss, increased stamina, improved flexibility, and better muscle definition.”


"It was a great experience.  It was a wonderful environment and group of trainers to work with.  I'm a busy physician and as everyone knows it's hard to make time and stay dedicated to the gym.  P90x was only an hour that went by very quickly and we worked multiple muscle groups with varying exercises.  This variation kept things interesting.  Before I knew it I dropped 2-3 inches and my cardiovascular endurance was much better.  After our 6 weeks were over they were also open to listen to what we liked and wanted to try, because after all it was so good the first 6 weeks I signed up for another 6 weeks."



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