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TRX Suspension Training

Welcome to the TRX Suspension Training 

                  ….where you’ll make your body your machine


TRX Suspension Training is a unique and valuable functional training method for sports performance and general fitness. 


With the TRX you will use your body weight resistance along with gravity creating superior muscular balance, core strength, joint stability and mobility.  This will help prevent injury and increase performance.


In this program, you will receive personal instruction from specialized trainers who will combine TRX instruction with spinning, kettle bells and other training equipment into a complete body workout.  This cutting edge training program will force your body to adapt to new training techniques, bringing you to a higher level of fitness.  These engaging, high energy workouts are professionally designed with each session progressing in difficulty. This program provides the physical stimulus needed to achieve fitness, performance, and body composition improvement.


Who should do this program?

   *Those who are stuck at a constant fitness level and would like to move beyond their current plateau to reach desired goals.

   *Those who continually struggle to lose the last ten pounds.  

   *Those looking to develop dynamic athletic performance.


When: 2018 dates Coming Soon!


Dates: 2018 dates Coming Soon!





Contact Membership Desk for more information 843-792-5757

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